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Hussain Sajwani And His Career With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani has built much of the middle eastern world over the years with a combination of business savvy and partnerships. He has been a partner of Donald Trump, and he has been able to grow some of the most-successful projects in his region. He works quite hard to ensure that his properties will among the finest in the world, and this article explains how he is helping the Middle East grow.

#1: Towers And Residences

Hussain Sajwani has done quite a lot of work on a number of projects that include towers and places of residence. He is building structures where someone may host their business, and he knows that there are a number of people who need a place to live when they come to these locations. They may live and work in a tight circle, and he is helping large middle eastern cities to create small communities as are found in places such as New York and London.

#2: DAMAC Properties

His company at DAMAC Properties has been at the forefront of the industry, and he knows that he must be quite aggressive if he wishes to see growth in the Middle East every year. He has built a number of new buildings in cities such as Dubai many times, and he wishes to expand his reach to see more people benefit from the work he does. He has been quite pleased with the progress of his company, and he knows that having partners in the west makes his job that much easier. Visit his website for more info.

#3: A Model For Development

According to, there have been many different companies attempting to be the leader in the industry, but Hussain Sajwani is the leader in his field at this time. He is quite strong, and he has built an empire that will stand the test of time as it continues to build. His structures mark cities for future growth.

The career of Hussain Sajwani has been one of growth and support of middle eastern cities. He is helping everyone in his region live better lives, find places to work and appreciate their city skyline.


OSI Food Solutions Made Your Big Mac.

It’s true; OSI has been providing great beef to the super duper restaurant chain of McDonald’s since the beginning, and since the mighty Big Mac has turned 50, should OSI Food Solutions be included in the celebration? You bet! The OSI/McDonald’s relationship is no small thing. This is a story which will be remembered for the rest of time. This is not a guess or assumption, this is a true statement. Who knows how far it will go? Will there be a first McDonald’s on Mars? Gee! Wouldn’t that be cool! Speculating on the future can be fun, however, in business it can be very important. OSI Food Solutions has been doing it for a hundred years.

Now, they’ve become one of the largest, if not the largest food companies in the world. How cool is that? How big must their menu be? Well, volumes and volumes at this point in their great run. OSI Food Solutions is just that, solution makers for food, and since food is infinitely customizable and super delicious, the culinary experts at OSI really have their work cut out for them. OSI Food Solutions began as a quality meat provider, but has since branched out to virtually every food group there is. Their team of specialists include nutrition experts and very talented chefs.

They are inventing new, yummy dishes to tantalize any pallet on Earth, and since everyone’s tastes are different, again, the masters of food producing have brought on a challenge. Which is fine, because great challenges are what true professional crave. They can do it. The proof is in the pudding, literally!  So, the next time you go to your local deli, grocer or fine restaurant, even if it’s not McDonald’s, keep in mind that a vast team of over 20,000 people, world wide, may just have provided that fine meal you’re about to consume. Becoming one of the largest food providers in the world is indeed a badge of honor, and we all know there is only one way to get there too; very hard work.

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Herbalife24- A Trusted Nutritional Enhancement that Works!

Most everyone from time to time aim to lose weight and get healthy but soon discover that it can be extremely difficult to maintain the regimen they are on. However, there is a product known as Herbalife24 that takes on a fresh approach to proper nutrition.

Herbalife24 empowers athletes all day long with its performance nutrition line that works to deliver nutrition to athletes before, during, and post workout. Herbalive24 has surpassed every industry standard. The Herbalife24 program can help an individual receive optimal nutrition as they get a customized seven product line based on their every day needs to include training and activity level.


With thorough, on-going, regular testing of the Herbalife24 products, consumers can rest assured that they are receiving a product that reflects the label claims.




The company Herbalife (a weight management product) made its debut in February 1980. Developer Mark Hughes started selling the product out of his vehicle’s trunk. Mark put his heart and soul into this product as a result of his own mother’s struggles with weight loss issues that ultimately claimed her life at a premature age.


What fitness goal did you achieve today? Share it in the comments to help others stay on track. 💯

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The initial purpose of Herbalife, according to one website, was to re-educate the world about proper nutritional habits. Knowing this information could equip an individual with information that could help them perform athletically at a higher maintain a healthy weight and keep it off. A protein shake was the company’s first product, which was distributed by the direct selling approach.

Herbalife was noted as one of the swiftest growing private companies in America by 1985. Its sales grew to a staggering $423 million over a five year period. The company then expanded to additional countries to include Israel, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and New Zealand by 1988.


Athlete Testimony


Herbalife sponsors soccer great Christiano Ronaldo who says that when he was a young player, he never really considered how important proper nutrition would benefit both his body and his sport performance. It was not until he was older than he learned about the link between proper nutrition and his game performance and training recovery. It was this reason that helped him make the decision to partner with Herbalife.

What Jim Toner Has to Say About True Wealth Creation

As a real estate investor, Jim Toner knows the ins and outs of what it takes to create real wealth. Creating his very own system to help others learn more about how to create wealth, he created the “Creating Wealth 101” system. At the very heart of his teaching is to get into the right mindset. According to Toner, it’s really all about attitude.

Recently, he wrote an article that opened with the theme of a movie that was released many years ago. The main character played by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, had a pair of glasses that allowed him to see the world the way it really is. Once he sees this, he decides to go out on a mission to get back what he believes is rightfully his. It’s not so far from the way things really are, right?

What is it about the way we see the world? People today have a major lack of communication. Whether it’s phones or computers, Jim Toner‘s assessment of the way people are is correct. The world is subdued by subliminal messages and there is a lack of genuine communication. The media plants messages that they want you to believe about the way things are done in this world.

Napolean Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, was truly ahead of his time. These principles for success that he outlines are timely. No matter when, these principles are always going to apply. The one that Hill emphasizes most is “accurate thinking”. A majority of the population is walking around without real knowledge about real wealth. There are many things available to us that we don’t know about or tap into because we assume that what we are being told is accurate. A world that cannot think for itself is a world that is helpless, and yet regardless of what the world says, the only truth is the one you find for yourself.

Jim Toner is a great teacher, sharing the encouragement and energy with those who could use it to reach for more and create real wealth. See Toner’s profile on crunchbase.

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HCR Wealth Advisors At Your Service

HCR Wealth Advisors is a SEC-registered investment advisory firm (RIA) based in Los Angeles. The company’s focus is on investment strategy and assisting clients to reach their financial goals. Privacy and transparency are a big part of HCR Wealth Advisors’ business model and it also serves multiple generations. A big part of doing business is having a reliable company to work with as well as having good service to you as a client. They do service high net worth individuals and have some clients that have been around over 10 years which speaks for itself.

HCR Wealth Advisors goes through the process of establishing relationships with its clients. This is done so that the advisors are familiar with the client’s financial goals. This is where the development of strategy will start to take place. It also helps to figure out what type of financial background the client has. In doing this, the RIA is able to provide education to their client. Education could be a broad range of information as well as very detailed. This is another concept that is needed in order for the client to completely understand what type of investment strategy is needed in order to succeed. Being educated on how to achieve your goals is a vital part of succeeding.

HCR Wealth Advisors will then personalize financial strategies for its clients. After education on investment strategy, this process should be something the clients will understand going forward. The RIA firm will need to protect the clients against risk by further advising them in order to reach their financial goals. With the ever so changing volatile market, it would be beneficial to have a firm that is well equipped to provide the personalized financial strategies needed to meet goals. A firm that is willing to provide clients with the necessary information to succeed is worth looking into. Checkout these jobs at HCR Wealth.

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Trabuco Bradesco The Business Leader Of Brazil

     Trabuco Bradesco is a businessman and a famous entrepreneur of Brazil. He is also known by the name of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Trabuco Began at a very early age as a teenager and since then he has worked hard and grown to be a prosperous entrepreneur. For 8 consecutive years Bradesco handled the responsibilities of the marketing department in Banco Bradesco and after been observed for a long time the board finally elected him as the CEO of the Bradesco Vida a private which is a company that focuses on providing private pensions. He had initially started of his career by working as a clerk of Banco Bradesco. By struggling for 15 long years he finally became the marketing director or Banco Bradesco which was one of the biggest milestones of this life.

In his life as a businessman and entrepreneur, he has earned several awards and was presented with many more honors. Trabuco Bradesco had a strong educational background and had completed his graduation and also post-graduation. In 2009 he listed among Brazils’ 100 top influential and was presented with the award of the best CEO. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors on Banco Bradesco. He was also awarded to be the leader of the business sector. In year 1998, Trabuco was nominated to be the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco and he won the post.

He handled the post of M.D for about a year when he was promoted to be the Executive Vice President of the company. Currently there are 8 chains of companies in Brazil. Trabuco Bradesco also released the shares of the company in the Stock Exchange market and benefited hugely. Trabuco Bradesco had immensely developed the company’s market status. He instigated the purchase of HSBC in Brazil which was never brought here before he had taken the step. He was also listed on top of the list of entrepreneurs and was noted as Entrepreneur of the Year in the Isto Magazine. Trabuco was the fourth one to hold the bank’s presidency since the first founder had died.

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Guru- Hussain Sajwani

In 2002 DAMAC Properties was founded by Hussain Sajwani who is the principal shareholder and also the Chairman of the organization. DAMAC Properties was incepted as a real estate developer with a primary purpose of delivering their quality real estate services to Dubai; United Arab Emirates. Ever since the foundation of the firm, it has grown to be a leading real estate organization, and they have not only been distributing their services in Dubai but have expanded to the United Kingdom and the broader Middle East. The management team of the construction and the real estate company is passionate about design, and they have created iconic structures in the region.

To even serve their clients better DAMAC Properties have been working hand in hand with other organizations as their subsidiaries among them Nine Alms Property Ltd. According to, DAMAC Properties owns 80% of the company, and the 20% is owned by Nine Elms Property Limited. The company has made a name for themselves for the development of one of the tallest and most prestigious residential building in London; AYKON London. Hussain Sajwani has a flagship investment arm known as DICO Investment Co LLC. The company was founded in 1992 and has been operating in four core areas including debt instruments which as distributed by banks and regional organizations, strategic holdings, long-term investment in fast-growing banks, and ownership in a subsidiary in the growth sectors.

Hussain Sajwani is a leader who over the years has shown positive leadership skills, and he serves As the Chairman of Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. SAOG. The ceramic tiles firm was established in 1998, and it is the only company that manufactures ceramic tiles in Oman. Mr. Sajwani has also invested in Al Aman Building Material Company LLC. The building material company has a history of producing quality construction materials among them floor, bathrooms, and surface finishes. Sajwani is a billionaire and a developer who is based in Dubai. The prominent investor was born in an entrepreneurial family, and from a young age, he was involved in business helping his father in his shop. After his high school, he got an opportunity to study in the United States of America when he got a scholarship to join the University of Washington to study Industrial Engineering and Economics. Hussain continues to make significant changes in the real estate industry.

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