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Why Chris Burch is Such a Giving Person

There are many different types of mindsets when it comes to giving. On one extreme of the spectrum is the mindset of giving anything and everything. Then on the other extreme is someone who is not only hoarding everything but is also giving everything. Neither extreme is totally healthy. However, it seems that it is better to er on the side of giving than the side of hoarding and taking. This is where Chris Burch comes in. He is someone who is very generous with what he has. There are a lot of reasons that Chris likes to give to others.

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One reason that Chris Burch is so giving is that he is actually thankful for what he has. As a matter of fact, he has what is known as the abundance mindset. This actually helps him make the right choices when it comes to investing and working on his business. On the other hand, the person who is always taking and hoarding is having a hard time with gratitude. He is also possibly struggling with the scarcity mindset. He may often feel like he does not have enough and that he might lose what he has. There are also other things that can cause people to at least look like they are hoarding.  For an additional reading, check

One of the biggest advantages of giving that Chris Burch has experienced is that he is able to keep his space free. Watch him on YouTube.  He knows that he is constantly receiving items. Therefore, he has to know where some of his items can go. Knowing that he has a ton of items, he can look for people who may be lacking something. He can help provide those people with what they are lacking so that their lives can be made easier. Chris’s joy in giving takes him to higher levels of success.

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More to Chris Burch the Billionaire and Fashion Mogul

The brain behind Burch Creative Capital is Chris Burch who is its founder and Chief Executive Officer (  Apart from that, he is also an experienced investor in diverse industries like the fashion industry where he is the Co-founder of Luxury Fashion Brand. Other sectors include home furnishings, technology, organic foods, real estate, and hospitality. Chris’s vision and primary goal revolve around customer understanding and satisfaction for over forty years since 1976. He got his degree from the Ithaca College.

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Chris Burch rehabilitated Nihi five-star resort which in 2016 and 2017 was voted by readers of the Travel and Leisure Magazine as the number one hotel in the world, check It was a surf destination at first, but its beauty attracted investors and entrepreneurs. The resort is located at Sumba Island, which was first known as Sandalwood Island. Sumba has been remote and inhabited for a long time due to various reasons, but they have contributed to it being rich in culture. The reasons why tourists always visit this island repeatedly is because its culture has remained intact and authentic. The place offers a lot of adventure and relaxation as it is all about nature. The island also has white colored sand on the Nihiwatu beach which stretches 2.5 kilometers long.

The transformation of this island started because of Claude Grave asking for help to expand the Nihiwatu Resort, which Chris Burch much helped him in 2012. Claude and his wife Petra were the ones who built the Nihiwatu resort. Chris together with James Mcbride invested 30 million dollars in upgrading the resort after purchasing it. James is a renowned hotelier, and his more than twenty-five-year experience and expertise in this field helped in making the resort. Chris Burch has played a significant role in creating the Nihi resort become a popular attraction for the tourists. The resort accommodates people seeking privacy and interaction with nature just as its self-concept says ‘edge of the wilderness.’ Chris Burch is a role model many should emulate.

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Meet the President of the OSI Industries: David McDonald

Success does not come for those who desire it; it comes to those who work to achieve what they want in life. David McDonald, the President of the OSI Industries, is an example of a go-getter. He has always had a passion for biology and agriculture. He turned his passion into a career, and he specialized in Animal Science. He joined the OSI Industries 30 years ago as a project manager.

Being in one industry for three decades is not easy. However, McDonald’s journey has been a walk in the park in the OSI Industries. Through the leadership of McDonald, the company has been able to secure its market in several nations. He says that the objective of OSI is to see the needs of the clients are fulfilled, and their expectations exceeded. He explained that being a private company, the OSI Industries have the liberty to try new things.

Being a global company calls for sensitivity when it comes to management. This is because different states have a different culture. McDonald says that they establish strong partnerships to see that their clients need are covered. Each OSI Group location has a representative. They supply the representatives with the resources they need to develop the areas.

David McDonald says that they are very keen on the performance of the employees. However, he says that to boost the innovation for their teams, they encourage them to take risks because it is through trying new ideas that their portfolio expands. The other source of their innovation is their customers. They accept criticism positively and work to make the changes as requested.

One area where the company has been able to accomplish great success is in China. David McDonald says that it has been as a result of researching and becoming one of the locals to know their needs. He says that the locals have been able to trust them because they have been in the area for more than two decades.

Despite the success that the company is experiencing, there are facing major issues with the transport department. The China roads are a mess. David McDonald says that they have made a step to solve the problem by contacting the department in charge of the roads and other organizations that may help. They are confident that with time the roads are going to be in the right condition.

David McDonald also mentioned that the OSI Industries is looking forward to serving the customers in the future with better technology.

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Chris Burch Turned Remote Island Into Acclaimed Resort

Billionaire Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is also well known for his role in cofounding the luxury clothing brand, Tory Burch. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has helped with the growth of more than 50 new companies. Burch Creative Capital is involved with the further development in retail, home and lifestyle, organic foods, apparel, and technology with companies like Chubbies, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and many others.

Recently, Chris Burch was featured in an article in Wings Journal by Svilen Petrov titled “The Rundown: Billionaire Chris Burch’s Sumba Island Overhaul.” The article focused on how Burch turned a remote Indonesian island called Sumba into one of the most popular tropical beach destination in the world.

Sumba was once a remote and hard to reach Indonesian island that attracted surfers and few tourists. Burch, however, recognized the potential of the island to be something bigger. In 2015, Burch opened his brain child, the five-star resort on Sumba called Nihi. The island has transformed and now has a resort that was named the “#1 Hotel in the World” for two consecutive years by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Sumba is large island at over 4000 square miles and with a population of 600,000. The island still has a strong Indonesian culture so visitors can have a truly authentic experience, something that is hard to come by at popular tourist destinations. The resort is on a renowned beach, Nihiwatu Beach, has white colored sands and some of the best views on the island.

When Chris Burch visited the island, he was impressed with its beauty but the remoteness made him hesitate.

“I really didn’t get it at first,” he said referring to how the island is in the middle of nowhere. “The island is one of the most backward places in the world. But it is just so beautiful,” Burch said when talking to Wings Journal.

The resort was a large investment at $30 million. The villas have an authentic feel and are made according to local customs, while still maintaining luxury.

Burch, entrepreneur and billionaire, opened one of the world’s best resorts in remote Indonesia and the only thing longer than the flight there is the waiting list to get a reservation!

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OSI Group Builds Upon an Immigrant’s Success Story in Food Processing

OSI Group is an outstanding food processor that has shown steady growth on a global basis for decades. They have prospered as they developed key partnerships with top food brands like McDonald’s. Their approach has been a sustainable one as well which is a model for other companies to emulate. They have a fascinating history that dates back over 100 years and it is a tradition of excellence and service. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe.

The original founder of OSI Group was Otto Kolschowsky who opened a butcher shop and meat market in 1909. He was a German immigrant eager to find a place in America and Chicago was where he settled. He enjoyed serving a thriving German community up through and after World War One among other local residents. He later expanded his business into wholesale meats and when his sons joined him they became Otto & Sons. They were a valued and trusted part of the local community for decades.

The McDonald’s Corporation is rich in American business history and Otto & Sons became an important part of their story as well. Ray Kroc chose them to be the meat supplier to the first franchise location in Des Plaines, Illinois. This was accomplished with a handshake agreement and both companies have never looked back. They grew in tandem as the franchise model was a great success story.

By 1973 McDonald’s sought to consolidate their operations and because of their long relationship with Otto & Sons, they were selected as one of four companies to supply burgers. As a result, they constructed an entirely new plant that was dedicated to their top customer.

Financing for expansion was secured with the help of Sheldon Lavin a talented businessman with banking and investing experience. He was invited to become a partner in 1975 and eventually acquired the company when the original family retired. They were also rebranded as OSI Group which reflected their growing global business. It also honored their original founder and its former name of many years.

The impetus for global expansion was in the person of Sheldon Lavin who helped OSI Group develop an international plan. They were strategic as they opened new locations in Europe, Asia, and other places. Today they operate more than 60 facilities in 17 countries. They also number approximately 20,000 employees and display a remarkable depth of abilities. They have a great capacity for food production as well as significant resources for culinary creation.

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