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The Amazing Entrepreneur; Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has used cards from the express company in America since the year 1979. The entrepreneur has switched his spending to Morgan Chase and Sapphire Reserve card. Chris was enlisted by the Forbes magazine in the year 2014 as one of the wealthiest in America.

The Burch creative capital, a company he owns is located in the United States of America. Burch has been enlisted in the company as an individual investor having transformed the company over the years. The entrepreneur has invested in many businesses including industries and is also a partner in the fashion, a brand which is a luxury in the New York.  Additional article here.

Chris has been deeply involved in the branding industry having enough knowledge on sales and marketing of the items. The investor has been successful in a number of investments which have made him reputable in the society. Chris has encouraged most organizations to rebrand their products for them to be appealing.  For more of his entrepreneurial views on business related matter, click on

Most of the companies he Chris has advised base their experiences from his personal investments. Chris has been able to explain to other entrepreneurs the idea of rebranding their products in various ways. The entrepreneur has offered good advice to those fresh entrepreneurs who are out of college.

Chris has advised them to first create time for their businesses so that they can monitor what is going on with the business. The entrepreneur further explains to them that the skills they possess in the different fields matter in that particular field. Lastly, the young entrepreneurs need money for their business to prosper.  Have a glimpse to one of his successful investment, browse on

Burch has demonstrated how technology is vital in the business. The entrepreneur has clearly outlined the essentials individuals need to possess for them to travel to international business summits. Chris encourages other entrepreneurs to be disciplined and prepare well for their international trip as it is not similar to the local trips they have encountered.

Chris Burch has offered advice to young entrepreneurs by encouraging them to commence their mornings at a high note. The entrepreneur encourages other entrepreneurs to brand their companies well so that they can be noticed easily. Burch explains that no matter the type of company one has engaged in, the only way to increase the revenues of the company is to brand it.

Christopher Burch carries with him an experience worth forty years in entrepreneurship. Chris has contributed immensely to technology such as Voss water, the Faena hotel, and universe among many other sectors. The mogul has invested in various projects of development including luxury homes in Florida and the New York.  Check this entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton and New York,  hit on

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Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK is the only global company that provide low-rate lending. The offices located in the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Perth are always there to help individuals expand and grow. It’s easy to apply and qualify for a stock-based loan. There are also other options like a margin loan, which you need to qualify for.

It’s important in business, to have the capital you need to be successful. At Equities First Holdings UK, you can find the financial solutions you need, and reach the financial goals that you are trying to achieve. It’s a company to help solve money issues or for companies to find the cash to expand and more


Jeff Yastine, Financial Journalist and Veteran Investor’s View on Cybersecurity as a Gold Mine for Investors

     Jeff Yastine has served as the editor of Total Wealth Insider since he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Jeff is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily by helping investors comprehend economic, monetary and business trends. Jeff Yastine focuses on creating and developing new editorial resources and products by highlights profit-making opportunities brought to light by the company’s financial editors.

About Jeff Yastine’s Career

Mr. Yastine has over two decades of experience in stock market investments and financial journalism in the financial world. From 1994 to 2010, Jeff was an Anchor and Financial Correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report. During this time, Jeff visited Cuba in 1994 and 2003 and reported on the impact that foreign investors have on the economy of the nation. Jeff has learned investing tactics from interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers, such as Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Warren Buffett, just to name a few.

He also reported on several investment stories which helped warn investors during the dot-com bubble and real estate crisis in the mid-2000’s. Jeff’s reporting also covered significant national events, for example, the handover of the Panama Canal in 1999, the Hurricane Katrina’s financial impact in 2005, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, and the influence of foreign automakers building new manufacturing plants in the southeastern United States. Yastine’s reporting has enabled and assisted people to identify favorable investment opportunities in large company turnarounds and small-cap growth stocks across a wide variety of sectors such as agriculture and biopharmaceutical sector.


Jeff Yastine’s View on Cyber Security

Currently, the new frontier is computer security, and this is displayed by the high demand for professionals exhibiting those skills. The deficit of cybersecurity skills continues to persist across many countries. An online security officer can make over 200,000-250,000 dollars a year, a rising amount that companies are willing to spend on cybersecurity nowadays. Jeff Yastine notes that this sector is a gold mine for investors.

Based on a recent survey by Becker’s Hospital Review, 73% of hospitals are ready and willing to increase their spending on cybersecurity. On average, the yearly revenue of a hospital is approximately 160 million dollars, and out of that, the hospital spends around 4 million dollars just on cybersecurity products and services. Jeff Yastine believes that by 2021, cybersecurity will be a 1 trillion dollar business.

Learning Lessons As Rocketship Education Evolves

The evolution of the Rocketship Education brand has been a fast one as the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit educational group, Preston Smith explained. Rocketship Education has been moving forward with its impressive search for a better public school educational system initially based in San Jose, California but now extending across the U.S. Offering K-5 programs, Rocketship Education has been looking to source the best way of teaching students and has established a number of programs to learn more about how students feel about their experiences with the group.

Rocketship Education believes placing families and students at the heart of the learning experience is essential and encourages learning throughout the life as the charter school network hopes to deliver a brighter future for low-income families across the nation. among the experimental programs attempted by Rocketship Education has been the “Flex Learning” option which allowed more creativity in the educational experience; Preston Smith explained some students and schools thrived under this system while others did not and showed the group a structured schedule is the best option for providing the best educational opportunities for all students.

One of the main aims of Rocketship Education is to create inclusive and diverse learning environments including students from different social backgrounds and those with disabilities. Creating the meaningful inclusion model sees students with disabilities spending around 80 percent of their time in the general education environment where all are welcomed to take part and learn at their own pace. One of the reasons Rocketship Education believe creating an inclusive environment is so important is to educate the general school community about the different students they come into contact with throughout the school day.

Across the San Jose school district, Rocketship Education has its greatest presence in recent studies have shown those needing extra English language learning opportunities and those from low-income families receive around one year of extra learning when compared to the traditional San Jose Public School system. Bringing high-performance charter schools to low-income communities has become the goal of Rocketship Education in San Jose and across the nation in the coming years.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Keeping The Bumble App On Top

Whitney Wolfe is the mastermind behind the social app Bumble that is a social and dating app that leverages location in order to find the best fits for its users. Overall, it has garnered a favorable reception, and there are some new features that are likely to attract even more to its interface.

One of these is the Bumble BFF that helps the users to meet new people with similar tastes and desires. It is a great way for those who have just moved to a new city or those who are visiting an area to find people to hang out with in order to increase social network in real life. Users who choose the BFF option will not have their profile shown on the dating side so that they will be able to target friends only instead. It was a feature that many were looking for since they were already in relationships and wanted to just meet people in a more casual manner.

Also moving in a less romantic direction is the latest feature called Bumble Bizz. It is a way that Whitney Wolfe is allowing the users to find more professional contacts so that they can leverage that network in order to excel in their career just like she did after attending the Southern Methodist University and using that International Studies background in order to become one of the most influential successful young women in the game today. Now, Bumble is headquartered in the city of Austin, Texas, and has a global reach with over 70 employees across the map.

Matchmaking has certainly been one of Whitney’s specialties as she continues to direct the Bumble app as it puts millions of people in contact with each other, and now she has found a match of her own in Michael Herd who she married in October 2017. It was an extravagant wedding for Wolfe and Herd as they took over Positano, Italy, for the celebration. Now with her new name, Whitney Wolfe Herd continues to push for the edge of the competition through various means. Erin and Sara Foster are the new Heads of Creative for the Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF features of the app, and they should be able to leverage their acting and television production backgrounds in order to bring great things to these sections of the application. The future should be exemplary for all involved.

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Paul Mampilly Says Your Money May Work Harder By Way Of Human Micro chips

Would you become a human smart card by way of an implanted microchip? Financial guru, Paul Mampilly says he would. Gizmos and gadgets are a part of the rapid growing world of the Internet of Things, so is really a surprise that human implanted microchips are the latest device?

You allow a thin syringe to pierce the skin, a microchip is implanted, and besides tracking, multiple tasks can be completed. Kevin Warwick, a British scientist, first led this emerging technology with his human implant experiment, using an RFID (radio) implant. Since then, several experiments have transpired, using devices as small as a rice grain, injected into hands or arms, and his Linkedin.

“You can replace a whole range of things, from communication devices, to credit cards and keys,” says Mampilly. But is it practical? Many experts fear that hackers could tap into the chips, and it could compromise privacy rights. However, Paul Mampilly points out the benefits of human microchips, like diminishing the daily inconveniences we encounter. “Opening and closing automated doors, making purchases without a debit card, or having access to health records with a swipe of your hand,” adds Mampilly. The options seem limitless.

Several U.S. companies already implant volunteer employees, like the Belgium-based company, Epicenter. It’s LA location offers employees the chance to be “chipped”. Wisconsin-based, Three Square Market also encourages its employees to get an implant. While not a requirement, implanted employees can scan into the building and offices, buy food in the lunch room, and access computers. Although it hasn’t been publicized, reports of the military implanting soldiers with RFID microchips have been slowly unveiled, and


Investing In Cutting Edge

“Pharmaceutical companies have been experimenting with this new technology for years,” says Paul Mampilly. Many of these microchips could provide medical breakthroughs, and according to the investment wizard, this is how you find opportunities for investments. Strategizing for the future helps you pounce on enticing opportunities. This is why Mampilly’s has become an admired investor, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

After 25 years, Paul Mampilly shifted from Wall Street career hedge fund manager, analyst, and advisor to a mentor, advisor, and editor of a renowned personal finance newsletter. Founded in 2016, Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing advises subscribers on hot stock picks. Back in 2014 and early 2015, Mampilly sales also topped more than $6 million while an analyst at Agora Financial. During the time at Agora, his portfolio gained a whopping 62 percent, and read full article.

Today, he continues his research, makes investment recommendations and offers advice for building wealth.

The impact of Securus Technologies and ways in which it prevents crime

Securus Technologies is a United States private organization that was established in the year 1986. It is one of the gigantic breadwinners of captive communications, parolee trailing and bids governmental and non-governmental administration complex solutions. It continues to serve some correctional facilities pioneering procedural solutions, consumer overhaul services among other specialized prerequisites of correctional competences. It helps some states making it a trusted brand in the scope of security measures. Its enormous investments have made it possible in increasing expertise, patent rights, mergers, and acquisitions.



The progress



It has well diversified to offer the control and monitoring of contraband phones providing informed solutions in various regions of correctional amenities. It has helped in improving the safety of the civic and revolutionized the confinement understanding. Most of the law enforcement agencies continue to embrace the reliability of Securus technologies. It has equipped itself with some fully qualified workforce that encompasses the power of technology as well as innovative procedures. The main aim is to fully satisfy its clients and ensure the welfare of its employees is at stake. The high-tech feature exhibited by this organization has made it possible for the firm to remain relevant and attract some distinguished clients.






It has received A+ rankings and certification from an organization known as Better Business Bureau. This agency outlines its performance matrix via the media as well as clients utilizing the products of any group. It is the provider of civil and criminal justice technological resolutions; the organization can build a trust bond with its clients as well as offer honest adverts, being fair and transparent as well as telling the truth about its products and services. These standards are vital when awarding accreditation to any organization making Securus qualify for this certification.



Logan Stout’s tips on how to succeed in business

Despite the fact that Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, his contribution in sports is commendable. His passion for inspiring young people who want to build their skills in sports through Dallas Patriots is broad step. The baseball organization offers training and emotional support to young players that they don’t get in schools and colleges. Stout believes that through the connection of body, mind, and soul, people can achieve their health and wellness goals. In this regard, he founded IDLife healthcare line which is a supplement and weight Management Company in 2014. Apart from entrepreneurship, Logan is a motivational speaker and an author too. He has written a book that outlines the strategies that made him who he is today. His advice is that it’s always good to share the steps you used to succeed to everyone around you.

Through his writings, the offering of motivational speeches and through the IDLife App, Logan Stout has made a lot of money but points out that the best way to make money is through making a positive difference to people. Logan adds that it has taken him hard work and patience to reach where he is. He remembers the days when he couldn’t make enough money despite doing hard work in the construction business, but when he started doing what he loved, money trickled in. Additionally, Stout insists that before making any business decision, you must believe in everything you plan to do otherwise you won’t succeed. Through this, you will be able to convince your customers because you trust your products.

Through thorough assessments on IDLife customers from the company’s representatives, the needs and goals of every customer are addressed before they are supplied with the supplements. This is the system that Logan use to ensure that he does not force products to customers‘ throats. His primary goal is to grow IDLife and make innovations to improve the health conditions of others, and through them, the future of his company will remain bright. Logan Stout has a BS degree in Psychology from Dallas University and a degree in business from Panola.

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End Citizens United Endorses Veronica Escobar For Congress In Texas

There is no right more intricately important and unique than the American right to vote. In the United States of America the right to vote means that you have representation within your government. When your vote is ignored by your state senator or your Congressman, how are your rights being affected? In reality, your votes can be ignored and they are actively being ignored thanks to the prevalence of dark money in politics.

Political dark money is one of the greatest problems facing the United States of America. Dark money, also known as ‘campaign financing’, has fundamentally shifted the paradigm in Washington D.C. Corporations are more free than ever to pollute the country with their money, effectively buying their own legislators. This is a problem, and it is a problem that End Citizens United is addressing.

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There are no fast and easy ways to heal a systemic issue inside of the United States government. The government is too large and too fractured to be able to be changed with ease. As a result, change has to come over time and it has to come by way of grassroots support. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is led by Tiffany Muller, the PAC president. Her goal for the past year has been to motive and energize American citizens into becoming a more active part of the political scene. Muller and her PAC believe in the fundamental necessity of campaign finance reform because they believe that taking money out of politics will help to purify it.

In order to make campaign finance reform a reality the good men and women at End Citizens United have needed to reach out to legislators who are also willing to make it a priority. Most recently End Citizens United reached out to endorse Veronica Escobar in her pursuit for a Congress seat in Texas. End Citizens United teamed up with the Latino Victory Fund to help fight for Veronica Escobar, a former County Judge in El Paso. Muller said, “Veronica Escobar has built her career upholding the law and standing up to injustice.” Muller goes on to say, “In Congress, she will bring that experience to a broken Washington as a strong voice for the interests of Texas families, not the greed of special interest donors.”

End Citizens United and Veronica Escobar make a natural pairing. Escobar has committed her career to helping fight against the dark money that has flooded into politics. Escobar has long believed in overturning the Citizens United decision. She is also a firm believer of the DISCLOSE Act which makes it a requirement that groups disclose who donated what and how much they donated. With Escobar in Congress, End Citizens United might have a great ally.

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Great entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a man of many hats. He is an international hotelier, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. In his career that extends for over 40 years, he has been able to help than fifty companies grow and achieve great success. His success has been supported by his ability to source experience, ability to understand consumers’ behavior as well as having entrepreneurial skills. Investment acumen is another entrepreneurial culture that has helped him to succeed as an entrepreneur. Most of the business that he has been involved in have been in sectors of apparel, hospitality, and technology. He has invested massively in ED, a fashion company that deals with processing of men, women, children and dogs apparel. ED is an apparel company owned by Ellen DeGeneres. ED as an apparel company has a huge reputation and has been featured in several global magazines which include Elle and Vogue.

Chris Burch is also associated with another huge business known as Poppin. According to the description by the, Poppin is a company that deals that creating a favorable and beautiful office space. They provide affordable alternatives that will leave your offices beautiful. They will change everything from the desktop themes to the office furniture.

Chris Burch as an entrepreneur has been very active in creating housing solutions for the people. He is the owner of a company known as Cocoon. This is a company that deals with the creation of pre-fab buildings. These are houses that are assembled and delivered within 4 months. According to the Forbes, Cocoon9 deals with the development of miniature houses that incorporate high-quality modern construction methods and materials .  More to read on

Chris Burch success is something that has been in his blood. While in college, together with his brother, he established his first company known as Eagle’s Eye Apparel. This is a company that used to create women sweaters. After some time, this company that they had started with $2,000 was worth $60 million when they sold it. This Company gave Chris Burch a chance to learn how to interact with the consumers. He also learned how to implement efficient production systems.  Refer to for a related article.

To know his new and follow on investments, better hit this.

His biggest project is the construction of an exotic resort in Indonesia known as Nihi Sumba Island. This is a luxury resort that is made up of 27 2017, this resort was ranked number one in the world.  Read more about this exotic resort, click on

Chris Burch is also known for his initiatives that involve giving back to the community. He is a donor to the Sumba Foundational, a foundation that assists people of the Sumba in Indonesia.  To read more, check

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