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Rona Borre’s Take On Tech Jobs Is Gold To Reporters


The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre

When Rona Borre was interviewed for a Business News Daily article about recent graduates seeking their first position, her response to new graduates, “You want [the company] to be as much of a fit for you as you are a fit for it” sums up the philosophy that she’s used to achieve success with her staffing service, Instant Alliance. She also cautions new graduates to consider that not all startups will succeed, if they are looking for stability. Instant Alliance’s clients range from major corporations to startups, therefore Borre can offer candidates a variety of career options, from the stability of a Fortune 100 firm to the excitement of helping build a company from the ground up. Hop over this site:


Very often, media outlets get obtain Borre’s take on any issue related to recruiting, tech jobs and hiring practices. When Business Insider featured a story on Reddit’s eliminating their employee’s option to work remotely, they turned to Rona Borre, who admitted that she worked remotely one day a week, however, she got little work done on that day. Click on


Instant Alliance places both tech and finance consultants with companies for short or long-term projects, as well as finding candidates for permanent positions. Currently, the recruiting firm has 105,000 qualified candidates ready to fill positions throughout the country.


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Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider

Under Jeffry Schneider’s leadership, Ascendant Capital has developed quickly during the past five years with workers increasing from two to over thirty employees. During the time, Schneider and his group have raised almost $1billion in the place of various managers. The company operates with over fifty broker-dealers, countless family offices & 250 investment advisors. The raised capital has been utilized in purchasing auto dealerships, real estate and tech companies among others. Whilst the development is great, Schneider and his group have no plans of stopping and their focus is ready for the future. In this year, they are anticipating to contribute over $50 millions every month.

Schneider has the belief that option investments are a key way in diversifying holdings and minimizing volatility by viewing the situation of the market currently. The markets encountered huge growth in recent years, and the rate is expected to increase in days to come. For instance, by observing the smartest pools of cash, the allocation to option investments stands at levels that are greater compared with those of RIA’s. In general, the client portfolios are under allocation to option investment.

The culture of Ascendant Capital plays a key part in the organization’s success. The environment motivates if not relying upon the sense of trust and open dialogue between team members. It is that kind of transparency that Schneider takes pride in and extends externally too. His company has got a structure of interests and conducts its fiduciary accountability towards the investors the upper most priority.

Jeffry Schneider started Ascendant Capital LLC. and within his capacity, he has assisted in raising billions of dollars besides making the company to grow with over thirty workers presently. Schneider has a huge experience in the option investments space. Before, he worked with Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown. Apart from helping Ascendant Capital grow, Schneider is dedicated to assisting the less fortunate and operates closely with several other charitable companies including Wonders & Worries, Cherokee Home for Children and the Gazelle Foundation. Currently, Schneider dwells in Austin, Texas area and studied his degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



How David Giertz Is Helping People Get The Most Benefits Out Of Their Social Security

David Luther Giertz is a renowned financial advisor who has served in various prominent leadership positions in the financial advice sector on

David Giertz’s Background

Mr. David Giertz is an expert financial advisor currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. With an experience of over thirty years in this field, his advice is almost priceless. He also serves as a financial advisor at National Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio- a firm renowned for its excellent financial advice services.

In addition to being an advisor, Mr. Giertz is an FINRA registered broker who is authorized to act as a sales person on behalf of large brokerage firms. Moreover, Mr. Giertz also provides portfolio management to individuals who require the same.

The Interview on Necessity of Social Security Advice

The number of financial advisors speaking to their clients about social security is not enough according to Mr. David Giertz. A research conducted by Nationalwide Financial Retirement Institute at shows that four out of five people would change their advisor if they did not talk to them about security. He, therefore, sees that advisors should look into exploring the idea of giving security advice as a strategy customer retention and client satisfaction on

According to Mr. David Giertz, most advisors shy away from the subject of social security because of its complexity. The social security handbook is voluminous, having more than two thousand pages hence most advisors have either a shallow understanding of the rules, or do not have confidence in discussing them with their clients. He encouraged advisors to familiarize themselves with this matter to simplify their approach when talking to clients.

Additional surveys have indicated that most people view social security as a large part of their income after retirement – up to forty percent in some cases. Individuals who begin to depend on these funds prematurely end up losing large amounts of money (three hundred thousand dollars over twenty-five years), and it’s imperative that they are advised to avoid such massive losses.

In conclusion, David emphasized on the necessity of availing information on social security to clients as this helps maximize usage of retirement income and customer retention.

Todd Lubar is Setting New Standards in the Finance and Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is without any doubt one of the world’s industries that are growing at a fast pace. The industry is characterized by price surge and market shifts. Therefore, both corporate and individual investors should conduct intensive research before putting their hard-earned money in this volatile sector. Todd Lubar is a seasoned entrepreneur who owns a successful empire in the real estate world. He manages the TDL Global Ventures, LLC as the President and acts as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

Venturing into the real estate sector

Todd Lubar began his real estate career back in 1995. Within a short period, Lubar discovered that the real estate and finance industry aligned with his passion for helping others and decided to make it his long-term career. His first venture into the business arena was as a Crestar Mortgage Corporation’s loan originator where he mastered the concept of conservative mortgage banking. He spent a significant duration building connections with real estate representatives, insurance agents, and financial planners.


In 1999, Lubar obtained an equity position with the renowned Legacy Financial Group. This high-profile position allowed him to grow his lending abilities. He started brokering loans to outside investors and lending as a direct Mortgage institution. In 2002, Lubar diverted his attention to the real estate business by launching a residential development firm known as Legendary Properties, LLC. Through Legendary Properties, LLC, Lubar oversaw a rapid increase in buying, selling, rehabilitation, and profiting transactions. Visit his website:

Mortgage banking

In 2003, Lubar furthered his efforts of penetrating the mortgage banking industry by opening Charter Funding, a subsection of First Magnus Financial Corporation, the biggest private mortgage firm in the United States. This partnership enabled Lubar to grow his business due to the unprecedented access to a broad range of programs and products.

Education and family life

Todd Lubar completed his high school education at the Hightstown, NJ-based The Peddie School. Later on, he joined Syracuse University and received a B.A. degree in speech communication. Currently, Lubar and his family live in Bethesda Maryland. While not busy developing financial solutions and handling real estate clients, he spends time with his two children. View his full bio on


Why You Should Shop at Fabletics?

Kate Hudson is the owner of Fabletics. It is a sportswear line that deals with women. Fabletics ensures that all women find something good to wear when working out or playing sports regardless of their shapes and sizes. Fabletics has registered tremendous growth with a massive customer base since its inception in 2013. The company has become a household name. More women are shopping at Fabletics. Fabletics has the option to shop online. Customers can shop for their workout clothes from the comfort of their homes. The company also has a membership subscription where customers can sign in to become full members of Fabletics. You are required to fill a survey when applying to become a member that will discuss your fashion preferences and lifestyle in details. A qualified stylist chooses outfits for each member based on what they like at the beginning of every month.


The Clothes offered by Fabletics are stylish, comfortable, and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. The clothes ensure that women have maximum comfort when working out or participating in any sport. The most popular sportswear at Fabletics is the legging. The legging does not constrict a person when working out. Fabletics customers say that the prices at Fabletics are very reasonable. You are guaranteed to find everything you want there no matter your budget. The customer service at Fabletics is excellent according to customer experiences. The customer care representatives at Fabletics make sure that a client feels at home whether they order online or visit their physical stores.


Those who shop at Fabletics have always reported positive reviews of the company and recommend others to shop there. One customer said that they had trouble finding the perfect workout clothes until they settled on Fabletics. Women of all ages can find workout clothes that suit them perfectly at Fabletics. The company is committed to offering the best to their customers. They always make sure that their clothes are on trend and have employed the top stylists. Fabletics customers have reported a memorable experience while shopping at Fabletics. The majority of them enjoy the fact that they get to work out while wearing fashionable and comfortable clothes. Fabletics has been able to earn a reputation as a sportswear company that is efficient, reliable, and trustable. Fabletics is the place to go to if you wish to purchase workout clothes that are of the highest quality and pocket-friendly.


Getting to understand a belief of a spiritual world (Kabbalah) that started about 4000years is quite an easy thing to know, in 1922 Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded Kabbalah center and completed the first translation of the Zohar from the ancient language of Aramaic into modern day Hebrew.

Kabbalah is literary a set of spiritual principles communicates emotionally to humanity in a moment of divine revelation.its an excellent system of logic that contains a secret code that governs the earth and conventional technology that can affect the view your life. This robust set of a tool is referred to as Zohar; the basis of kabbalistic wisdom containing the core instructions manual for life.

Undocumented Secrets revealed concerning the teachings of Kabbalah that it has existed since the beginning of time although the first book was written 5000 years ago that is; The Book of Formation. The book tries to help us understand the root secrets of universe.

Up to 1969 the tradition was only preserved by married Jewish men over forty years and strictly prohibited to all others. But despite the drawbacks, the Kabbalah center has spread all across the continent and has provided instructions to over 4 million students.

At Kabbalah centers, we teach Kabbalah as a way of creating a better life and a better feeling in your life.Extending Kabbalah to more locations know in more than 41 cities, and with an extensive online availability, we are in to make the journey and your feeling right.The teaching provides the origin of creation, the spiritual laws of the earth like the voyage of the soul.

Kabbalah Center Charitable Cause (KCCC) is a charitable initiative of Kabbalah center that provides physical and spiritual support to the needy in the society.In the recent times, KCCC has aided in various disasters relief efforts like the Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Rutgers’ Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Makes New Brunswick A National Leader In Healthcare

New Jersey has become the epicenter of a new revolution in the medical community to develop innovative cures to a deadly disease that takes the lives of more than a half a million Americans every year: cancer. According to and the Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation 564,800 Americans succumb to the disease each year. Among those lost from cancer are patients who were diagnosed with cancers that are difficult to fight because they tend to be rare or they do not respond to the existing therapies and treatments that the medical community has developed to fight cancer. Fortunately there are researchers who have backgrounds in both the practice and study of cancer medicine that are leveraging their skills and a unique approach to cancer treatment to develop vital research that could improve the prospects of people that are diagnosed with cancer.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is on its way to making vital advancement in the worlds of cancer research and cancer treatment. The Institute as described by the NY Times is notable for being among a small group of medical centers that used genomic science to carry out gene sequencing on tumors and to use the practice of genomic sequencing as part of a paradigm known as precision medicine. According to the National Library of Medicine precision medicine is exactly what it sounds like. It is a treatment approach that considers the specificity of factors like genetics (among others) when determining which treatments would be best for a patient. The method allows doctors to use genomic science to be as precise as possible when treating cancer patients.

The work of the New Brunswick-based cancer organization is line with the city’s endeavors to be set apart from its peers as the “Healthcare City.” The Institute’s work received a major boost nearly two years ago when, as noted by Newswise, local man Omar Boraie donated $1.5 million to the development of an endowed chair at the Institute that would be dedicated to the work the organization has done on genomic science’s applications to cancer treatment. The position is known as the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science and it is filled by noted cancer researcher Shridar Ganesan who holds a medical degree and a doctorate. According to Dr. Ganesan cancer is actually “a collection of diseases” that have distinctive characteristics that must be accounted for. Ganesan’s approach to the disease is to go beyond categorizing it according to the part of the body that it develops in and involves using the Institute’s distinctive approach to giving the cancers they examine more precise categorizations that can point toward more treatment plans that are better adapted to a patient’s needs.



Why Shea Butter Is The Next Big Thing For Natural Beauty


For the past couple of years, natural beauty gurus have been singing the praises of facial oils. Oils like olive oil and sweet almond oil both moisturize skin on a deeper level than commercial moisturizers and cleanse the face, ridding it of impurities.


However, 2017 looks like it’s going to be the year of shea butter. While many people mistaken shea butter for an oil, it’s a completely different product that has numerous benefits.


If your skin suffers from dryness and flakiness in the winter, shea butter should be your new best friend. Shea butter has a richer consistency than oil. Typically, shea butter is waxy, thick and more solid. Think of the difference between shea butter and oil as the difference between a rich, thick moisturizer and a lotion.


Shea butter comes from West Africa. This waxy, fatty substance is derived from the nuts of the karite nut tree. Shea butter has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for numerous ailments, but its most popular use is in the treatment of dry skin.


Shea butter has a much higher nutritional content than most oils. Rich in vitamins A, E and F, this amazing product has cleansing properties as well as moisturizing properties. The vitamins help aid in the regeneration of healthy skin cells while combating aging. Its most popular healing benefit, however, is providing intense moisture to dry, chapped skin.


Shea butter successfully treats conditions like eczema and dermatitis as well as sunburn, frostbite, insect bites and allergic reactions such as hives.


It’s important to find a shea butter that is unrefined and organic. This way you will be getting the most benefits of the product as the nutrients are more concentrated.


One popular shea butter company takes an ethical initiative in addition to providing a remarkably high-quality product. Eu’Genia Shea Butter is a family business that provides pure, unrefined shea butter in a small variety of concentrations for different applications.


Eu’Genia Shea Butter is committed to providing women of Ghana with work opportunities and fair wages. 15% of the company’s profit provides women of Ghana with education.


If your skin is suffering as the result of dry winter weather, it’s time to stock up on some shea butter and fight back against dry skin.