Month: May 2016

Kyle Bass Scams The Market, Seemingly

Imagine driving down a street, and accidentally hitting a pedestrian. Now imagine that pedestrian is part of a scam, and they leaped in front of the car because it looked as though the driver would have enough money to pay them in order to avoid police interdiction. That’s the kind of scam Kyle Bass has pulled at the national level, for millions of dollars, by deliberately–and legally–manipulating the stock market.

Bass gets away with it like this: he shrouds his manipulation in a political human-interest group that he himself created called CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Its ostensible aim is to get drugs into a price-bracket that doesn’t break the bank of the dying. While it has been successful in achieving this short-run goal a number of times, in the long run it shortchanges not just the immediately sick, but future sufferers. When CAD forces a pharmaceutical group to drop their drug prices, it cuts their stock value. Bass then short sells the investment he’s made with the company in question and makes millions. Basically he chooses a lame duck and bets against him in the ring.

Bass’ actions in this regard shouldn’t be too surprising, though. Yes, he’s a hedge fund manager based out of Texas with Hayman Capital. But that is likely a deliberate front. Bass works hand-in-glove with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist leader of Argentina who is so bad at her job she has caused economic default to backhand the country two separate times in just thirteen years. How could Bass economically approve of her, unless his ideals were ideologically similar?

With these things in mind, when Bass said at the Milken Institute Global Conference that investing in China was a bad move because “common sense” dictated a collapse in the near future, many began to speculate as to his particular angle in disseminating such information. Is Bass trying to prod people toward China’s market via reverse-psychology, or is he trying to keep them away in order to achieve some end himself? The only thing that seems sure is that he has a vested interest somewhere.

Ross Abelow Raises Money For Stray Animals

Ross Abelow is raising money for stray animals through a GoFundMe campaign that he started himself. He is a great New York lawyer who has been in the business for a long time, but he also wants to give back to the city as much as he can. The GoFundMe campaign is the perfect way to help shelters that he believes in, and he hopes that he can help get stray animals off the street. That means that he will be sharing the campaign, and he will use his influence as one of the great lawyers in the city to find great donors.

Ross Abelow has worked in entertainment and divorce law for a long time, and he is the best person to work with on contracts and for corporate legal advice. He has worked all over the city with people who are in need, and he always helps his clients come to resolutions for their cases that are fair. That is the best thing about his practice, and he wants to bring some of that fair mindedness to the streets where there are a lot of stray animals.

The stray animals in the city are helped by shelters that pick them up and take care of them, and all these stray animals are given a chance to go to loving homes when they go to these shelters. The money that Ross Abelow raises will help pay for many shelters in the area, and his initial goal of $5000 will help many animals. Ross Abelow hopes to leave the fundraiser open after he reaches his first goal, and he hopes to find a way to share the page with as many people as possible.

Ross Abelow believes that he can make New York a better place to live when more animals have a place to go. There are many animals that could be saved, and a small donation to Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe page could make a difference.

Ross Abelow has a heart for animals that cannot be beaten, and he wants to give back to as many animals as he can. He loves the animals he sees on the street, and he knows each of these animals can be helped if they are given a chance through a shelter. He will divide the money evenly among many shelters that need the funds, and the stray animals of New York will have more chances to go to better homes.

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Venezuela and the Black Market

In the face of the huge shortages and rocketing prices in Venezuela, large numbers of its consumers have turned to the country’s black market. And the black marketers are being proactive about it. Before of all of the country’s woes, its people are forced to stand in enormously long lines for food. The black marketers are reported by SlideShare to take advantage of them by going into the lines and selling food to the hungry line-lingerers. These now commonplace shady personalities have become a thorn in Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro’s, side.
However according to Mr. Osio, it must be remembered that the Venezuelan government itself has made it much, much more difficult for its people to survive with its inadvertent creation of hyperinflation. It all started during the administration of Hugo Chavez who introduced a corrupt socialist government in Venezuela. Although the financial crisis has come to a head until now, the shortage was visibly underway during Chavez’s regime with debt already rocketing and shortages already rampant. Chavez died in 2013, but Maduro continued his corrupt socialist vision.

Venezuelan’s are having to do whatever they can for their families to survive. For many people this means quitting their jobs to become buyers and sellers in the black market. Rather than turn to illegal means, many Venezuelan’s are opting to leave the country altogether instead. The low production of oil, historically Venezuela’s most valuable commodity, has particularly hit the country hard.


Taking The Law To Police Officers and Their Unions

Police departments are meant to promote law and order. Its personnel should be people of the highest moral standing and should lead by example. It reflects badly on the department if its officers are accused of bad behavior, racial profiling and discrimination of people that it is intended and sworn to protect. These allegations should be taken seriously, investigated and officers found flaunting their code of conduct disciplined or kicked out of the force. It does not matter who supplies the information or the avenue that was used when the information was disclosed the bottom line is that a duty owed to the people was breached.

It is in light of the fore going that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon initiated criminal proceedings against three cops in California. He is painfully aware of the consequences that might follow if those trusted to up hold the law turn their backs to it and act as the aggressors. In addition to the filing of the proceedings he initiated a committee that would hear allegations of racism and homophobia in the revealed police department. George Gascon holds a very special relationship with the police department, before his appointment as DA he was the police chief in San Francisco and was privy to the operations of various police unions. It would be very unfair if these police department unions are shielding rogue police officers from assuming responsibility for their actions.

In an attempt to save face and side track the proceedings Gary Delagnes who was the one time leader of San Francisco police department union tried to discredit the DA. It would be highly unlikely for a person to initiate proceedings that would end up investigating himself. George Gascon is a morally upright person who would not engage in thinks that would taint his career and character. He saw the wrong committed by the two deputies who forced inmates to fight each other for their own pleasure and delight.

It is the DA’s opinion that the police department unions should not interfere with disciplinary proceedings. The office of the DA through its spokes person Alex Bastian strongly denied assertions made by Gary Delagnes.

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Sanjay Shah – Millionaire Businessman

Million dollar professional Sanjay Shah and his successful company called Solo Capital, has been increasing its success in the past years in the London and Dubai areas. It has reached the million dollar mark in a short time, and has allowed Shah the option to retire from his companies, and continue to pursue other areas of interest. He has been fortunate enough to have gained a lot of success with his companies that he has carried through with his other businesses. He originally started his career as an accountant, although that isn’t exactly what he went to school for. He originated from Kenya to Central London with his family where he attended King’s College studying medicine. He attended pre-med school for a bit, and then decided it just wasn’t for him. He graduated with his accounting degree and began his career in the financial investment and banking world. He has exhibited years of experience and has been successful in owning many companies throughout his career.

He hired a few college graduates and some trading partners to help him get the business off the ground. He wanted to commit to the business building module for a year and see how it panned out. The company didn’t take long to reach its million dollar mark, and now it has allowed him to retire.

In 2014 he launched Autism Rockss, which is a charity event that is based around performing artists that put on concerts to help raise money. The money is used to help aid in awareness and research as well as development for the neurological condition. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was just two years old. They were able to reach him at an early stage, and get him the proper treatment and education that he needed to help him thrive. Shah understands that many people don’t have that option and wants to be able to reach out to them with Autism Rocks, and help them better understand the condition. He wants to be able to help those in need and help with research and development.
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FreedomPop’s Plan Involves Winning Over Spain With WhatsApp

FreedomPop is a mobile phone provider with a unique business model. They’re a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that started out in Los Angeles back in 2011. While there are many low-priced carriers already, FreedomPop took the idea of value even further and started offering a basic mobile service completely free. Those who sign up for their service receive 200 minutes of talk time, 200 MB of data and 200 text messages per month at no cost. This isn’t a limited-time promotion or free trial offer, but rather the introductory plan that the company provides to all subscribers. Those who want more can upgrade their service to one of their paid plans.

The company has successfully rolled out its service in the United States, before expanding overseas to the UK market back in September. According to a VentureBeat report, they now have a grand plan to expand to Spain, which is part of their overall strategy to bring their innovative mobile service to the rest of the world.

While offering basic mobile service at no charge is definitely something unique in the industry, the company has something even more special planned for Spanish mobile users. They will be providing zero-rated access to WhatsApp, a highly popular messaging app now owned by the world’s most famous social media brand, Facebook. Zero-rated means that users will not have any data usage deducted from their plan when they use WhatsApp to communicate. As the WhatsApp service is used by more than 1 billion people around the world, giving mobile subscribers the chance to access it completely free enables them to stay in touch with those they care about without worrying about data usage.

What some may see as even more surprising is that FreedomPop has opted to promote the use of WhatsApp in a completely organic way, without entering into any type of formal partnership or business deal with the app’s developers or Facebook. Those who wish to find out more about FreedomPop’s grand plan can take a look at the VentureBeat article about them.

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Beneful Undergoing Changes To Its Dog Food

The current facebook trend in regards to pets is to feed them foods that have familiar ingredients. Studies conducted by have shown that people view pets as humans, so they would like pet food to become similar to human food.
One of the top pet food companies is Beneful. Made by PurinaStore (, Beneful is one of the most popular dry dog food brands. Recently, Beneful has been criticized for using propylene glycol as part of its ingredients. Propylene glycol has been approved by the FDA. Some people have also complained about the dye used in Beneful, which many see as irrelevant to the product. All of these issues are important due to the class action suit filed against Beneful.

Beneful recently announced that they are making changes to their dog foods. The company says that the proposed changes have been planning for over a year and are not a direct response to the lawsuit. There are multiple new recipes on the horizon. Almost all of the new recipes will have meat as the initial ingredient. The other recipe will use real salmon as the initial ingredient.

Purina has also decided to remove sugar as an ingredient. Propylene glycol has also been removed to appease the customers who complained. The propylene glycol has been replaced with natural glycerin.

Purina is also reducing the amount of dye used in the foods. This could eventually lead to changing the recipes for its canned wet dog food. There are significant changes to the protein or fat amounts in the dog food. These formulas did not have to undergo any approval from the AAFCO.

Laidlaw and Company Helps Investors at Different Levels

In the investment world there are investors that a little to invest and others that have to invest. Laidlaw & Company is the organization that levels the playing field by providing financial advice to all those that are in need. This is an organization that has managed to level the playing fields and really establish a loyal base of customers that are interested in getting the best financial management.

Laidlaw has a long line of financial consultants that have been accustomed to building up a presence in the financial industry. This investment banking company has been helping with things like acquisitions and mergers. This is an investment bank that has managed to provide a lot of sound advice for companies that are trying to establish a new businesses as well. This is what happens for most companies that are looking for assistance.

Individuals that are looking for assistance will often seek help with their portfolios on They will be able to connect with consultants that are able to put them in the right place with managing this wealth. This is one of the best ways for newcomers to build their retirement plans. Laidlaw & Company has people in place that are able to give insight to those that may not know a 401K from an IRA. This is a company that has managed to give a lot of instruction to those clients that are trying to make better decisions about diversification. All of that plays a part in the way that this company works on stopbrokerfraud with businesses to establish relationships.

Laidlaw & Company is an organization that was able to build a great financial structure. This is a company that has been able to build a solid foundation by helping all of those that are in need of financial help.

JustFab Launches Plus Size Collection

Have you heard? JustFab has a plus size collection. The online retailer announced its new line especially for full-figured women a few weeks ago. Thirty-five pieces were introduced as the foundation to what executives are hoping will be a fantastic line. More is expected from the fashion company that responded in a big way to customers.

Many women who patronized JustFab in past times were forced to look elsewhere for clothes that matched their style and size. While the company beat out its competitors in the way of fashion, its limited availability concerning size ranges excluded many women who wanted to shop the brand but could not due to the brand having sizes that only catered to petit women. Although some shoppers remained with JustFab for the purpose of buying accessories and handbags, several hundred women left the brand for companies that catered to plus sizes.

In an effort to garner more attention, and regain customers, JustFab kicked off its plus size collection a few weeks ago. The JustFab Plus line includes casual wear that can be worn every day along with accessories that will make any outfit pop. In particular, lightweight dresses and high slit maxi skirts are perfect for spring and summer. There are also denim designs that are ideal for fall and winter months. Pieces from the JustFab Plus collection are also great for vacations. Every item is versatile enough to be worn with clothes already in your reserve.
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One of the best things about this online brand is its personalization. Shoppers begin their search by filling out a small quiz. Stylists use answers from the exam to suggest tailored looks to patrons. JustFab does not charge for its tailoring services and, therefore, does not require a credit card to complete the initial exam. Those desirous to join the company’s VIP list receive discounts on selected items and free shipping on orders over $39.

Established in 2010, JustFab is looking to extend its innovative ideas to the max. The company plans to add more items aggressively to its plus collection over the next few months.

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