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A Chicago Entrepreneur Is Looking for Donations for the Nepal Earthquake Victims

There were many people and organizations that rushed to help the victims of the April 2015 earthquake that devastated the country of Nepal. There were hundreds of thousand people who were left homeless, thousands were killed, and many more were injured. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are suffering despite efforts that have been made to help the earthquake victims. Thankfully, there are still people who are interested in helping this cause. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. This is something that is especially important to him since he has many friends who live in Nepal. He is concerned about their welfare and the welfare of others. It is his goal to raise at least $1 million to help them with medical and disaster relief. The money will be put in a crowdrise campaign. It will be used to provide housing, medicine, and food for the victims.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor. He is well known in the Chicago area for his successful investments and also his new business Expresso Inc. The business that he recently opened delivers groceries to individuals who pay a small fee for the convenience of having their groceries delivered to their home or another designated location. Busy individuals can go on the website that he has set up, access thousands of different products, order items, and then have them delivered right to their home. No matter how many places a customer orders from, large grocery chains or even small shops, they will pay no more than $10 for the delivery service. This is making the lives of Chicago residents a lot easier. It is also saving them money on gas.

Majeed Ekbal has contributed his own personal funds to the Go Fund Me campaign that he has set up for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. He is asking other individuals to help these victims as well. He appreciates donations of any size. Majeed Ekbal hopes that the money that is raised will be able to relieve some of the suffering has left many individuals without homes and with severe injuries that need proper medical care in the country of Nepal.

Entrepreneurs, Philanthropy and Charity

I believe that the best type of success can be achieved by entrepreneurs who are philanthropic and charitable. People who find a way to make a profitable business out of what they enjoy tend to be the happiest people. One reason is that they are very passionate about what they do. As a result, they tend to work a little harder at their jobs. This also brings them some kind of satisfaction that leaves room for their compassion. As a result, they contribute to causes like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. The fundraiser that was started at that place for a project has surpassed its goals thanks to the contributions of many. Read the full article about the renovations here

One of the contributors is Dick DeVos. Dick has contributed money up to the millions when he gave to the fundraiser. He is also no stranger to hard work as his LinkedIn clearly demonstrates. He has been working for his family business starting as a child. He was one of the greeters of the company when it was held in their home basement. This has introduced him into the world of business. He was able to learn how business works and also how to be an effective leader.

He has discovered his passion at a young age to make contributions to society. He has not only founded Michigan’s first aviation high school, but he and his wife established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to make charitable donations on behalf of themselves and Dick’s business. This is a very important trait to have when going into business. One has to have a love for people and a generous spirit. If one is all about selfishness, then he is going to be limited in his success no matter how far he goes. Dick’s success has proven to be unlimited even as he struck out in his own business ventures. This is due to his ability to work tirelessly for hours at a time and his willingness to keep people satisfied and give to the people that are at a disadvantage. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the grateful responses of kids who benefited from scholarships funded by the DeVos foundation in the video below.

Business owners often have the freedom to pursue their goals. They also are the most able to send forth money to charitable organizations. They also have more emotional energy in order to care about others that are not as fortunate as they are. At the same time, they have the self respect in order to not allow people to walk all over them. They can also direct others to different resources like the JFK Center for the Arts where they can make contributions. This project will provide plenty of new opportunities.

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Nobilis Health is The Company To Watch In 2016

As the fourth quarter of 2015 begins to close, the worldwide markets are down substantially. It is quite a bit concerning for those who are in healthcare. A recent report issued by Mackie Research Capital showed that there are some companies that are coming out on top, even if the market is plummeting. Analyst Russel Stanley says that there is one company who is bucking current trends. The report he issued have the top picks for the last quarter of the year. The company Nobilis Health Corporation is his top pick. So what makes Nobilis so special during these difficult times? Well, they own and operate ambulatory surgical centers and hospital across the country. This company has an excellent track record over the past few years. Their record of high organic growth cannot be denied according to Stanley. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, he also noted that they have a strong record in that department too. In September of 2014, the company made their first acquisition for their very first hospital. They paid more than $7.5 million in cash. This is just one example of a company that takes their business seriously. They opened a hospital without any debt at all for the building. That is pretty impressive from a business standpoint. Another example of how this company is on top is that on September 23 of this year, they made an announcement to the public that they had acquired and taken control of the Freedom Pain Hospital. This hospital is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have a 60 percent stake in the matter and paid $3.2 million. After analysts reviewed the transaction, there say that there is macro trends that are supporting the story additionally. Stanley stated that they view Nobilis as an undervalued player. There is increasing demand for surgical procedures, as the population continues to age. One must also not forget the prevalence of obesity in our society. Stanley updated the research clients about his rating and he put a “buy” rating on Nobilis with a price tag of $12.50 for the next year. That would imply a return ratio of about 72 percent. It’s clear to see that they are the ones to watch as the year ends and the first part of 2016 begins. This company is undoubtedly doing something correctly or they wouldn’t have the ability to pay cash for a hospital.

Doe Deere Is Revolutionizing The Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is filled with companies and colors that have been around for decades or even centuries. Some of the most popular names in the field are on the tips of tongues around the world, but all these companies offer the same dark colors that create the standard smoky eye. The smoke eye is not the default look at Lime Crime, and Doe Deere is the founder who looked beyond dark colors to a brighter future. This article explains how Doe Deere took her cosmetics line international using only the Internet and a bright palette.

#1: Her Palette Is Beaming

The palette that Doe has created for Lime Crime began when she was selling her cosmetics on eBay. Her eBay store was very successful because her customers were buying colors they could not find anywhere else. She does have a lime green on her palette, but she has many other bright colors that ladies may like more. Her decision to create a bright palette helped her stand out from the crowd, and she stayed online in favor of a modern business plan.

#2: She Is Technology Guru

Doe Deere has created an online empire that is supported by the online sales of her cosmetics. She does not have sales ladies going around to sell her products, and she does not have counters at department stores. Doe uses only the Internet and digital marketing to grow her business. She is a prime example of a woman using the Internet to make a new life for herself, and her technology savvy has increased sales over the years.

#3: Her Cosmetics Feel Homemade

Doe is capable of creating all her cosmetics by hand, and she has posted videos online of her creations. People who do not believe in Doe’s natural talent may watch the videos for themselves, and she has a factory creating cosmetics that feel homemade. This homemade feel makes her line feel much more genuine, and her genuine attitude about the cosmetics world makes her appealing.

#4: The Alternative Crowd Is Fulfilled

The alternative crowd is looking for vegan products or products that are not tested on animals. Doe has created a line that has many vegan products, and she is rolling out new vegan products every year. The whole line will be vegan before long, and Doe is committed to making her line accessible to as many people as possible.

Lime Crime has become a lifestyle choice for many women, and Doe Deere believes that she can use her prowess online to outpace some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. Her philosophy makes her company intriguing to women who love bright colors, and she is taking on the traditional cosmetics companies head-on.

A Few Facts About Scott Lumley And The Anticipated Real Estate Boom In Chicago

Nashville has in the recent past become a city where construction cranes have made tall condos uproot one story buildings. The same place has in the recent past seen a lot of changes in matters related to areas previously avoided becoming the latest hotbeds of real estate. The area is expected to make a historical increase in matters related to property values in an upcoming reappraisal.

According to Davidson County’s Property Assessor, the estimated average increase in residential property will be between 33 and 37 percent. Appreciation has always varied by neighborhoods and there are communities that have been increasing rapidly when compared to others. According to the city’s last appraisal in 2013, it was a 5.3 percent when compared to 2009. The anticipated increase is expected to mark the city’s single spike when matters related to property values are concerned. Since Tennessee started making value reassessment after every four years a requirement for municipalities, the anticipated increase is expected to be the biggest.

Among other projections expected is the increase in single family residential units that is part of residential houses gaining the desired traction. According to the Assessor, the anticipated increase is historic and way ahead of the curve.

Business people are required to be very aggressive in order to get to the top. Scott Lumley is such an individual. Many who know him regard him as an entrepreneurial spirit and interacting with him is in itself an inspiration. He is the President of an online site that sells electronics in wholesale and retail. He also owns a comprehensive auction website and a chain of retail stores that sell overstock merchandise.

Scott Lumley is an individual who has a firm belief that success is a full time job and one has to be always accompanied by it in whatever he does and wherever he goes. He says that for something to work, it must be accompanied by a lot of hard work. As a businessman, he also avoids putting all his eggs in a single basket precisely the reason he has invested in different businesses. To manage his three businesses, Scott uses the internet and a tracker to communicate with his managers.

How to Find the Right Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board licensed plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery and is officially fellowship-skilled in Cosmetic surgical treatment. She relocated her busy cosmetic surgical treatment practice to Texas, from New York City, for her twin sons to be raised near her family.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is honored to be acknowledged as a Texas Super Doctor by the Texas Monthly December 2014 issue. Super Doctor is a listing of excellent physicians from over 40 medical professionals who have achieved a high degree of peer acknowledgment or expert accomplishment. Super Doctors is a choosy yet diverse listing of exceptional doctors, representing client oriented specialties.

Every year MSP communication invites physicians to nominate associates they know to be outstanding in their particular field. Dockets are required to take into consideration some of the things as if they require medical attention in one of the following specialties, which physicians would you prefer.

Finding a top doctor in Texas is a hard task. The moment you endorse your life in the hands of somebody, you need to feel confident that this is a person with enough smart credentials and ability to offer you the care you deserve. You are supposed to look for a doctor and interrogate him the same way you interrogate lawyer or an accountant.

What to consider when evaluating a doctor

The type of the care you need is one of the things to consider. A primary care physician is helpful in maintaining your health condition, offers a home base for all your medical requirements, and it is where you go to when illness strikes you. A professional has a deeper, but the narrow skill set, and might serve only an interim purpose such as diagnosing a disease or designing a treatment routine. Specialists recommend beginning with a primary care physician who can then direct you to the most suitable professional.

Having identified the doctors you need, the subsequent step is to yourself what blends of professionalism and individuality characters are essential to you so that you and the physician will be a good fit. It is a mix that noticeably relays on the relationship you will create with the physicians. If it is an enduring, like the one with the primary care physician or with an expert who keeps checking on you for an ongoing condition, individuality, and demeanor will carry extra weight than if it is a one or two-time meeting with a professional or surgeon.