Month: September 2015

Women in the Business World

Women have recently risen to the challenge and they are currently venturing in areas though to be men’s only activities. This has been fueled by the rising demand that equal opportunities be granted to all regardless of their gender. As a result, women have taken the challenge and they have become more aggressive especially in the business arena. Susan McGalla is one of the greatest business executives in the world. Being a woman, she has made great progress in advancing the thought of women getting into business. Through her, many women and young girls have been inspired to chase their dreams.

Susan P. McGalla based in the US, Susan P. McGalla has been in the business scene on  for years now and she has made tremendous progress. She has risen in the business world through her various positions in various organizations. She has worked in many business organizations throughout her career and this has helped her to develop great experience. However, she attributes her success to her first job at Joseph Horne Company. She worked here for years and over this period, she moved from one position to another gaining experience on different levels of leadership in the corporate world.

At Joseph Horne Company, she worked for almost a decade before she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. In her new company, she joined from the very least position being a product merchandiser. She was very keen to study the market and understand the timings and the trends in product demand. She chose to merchandise women clothes and in this she worked very hard and made a name for herself. It was not long before her efforts won her a better position in the company’s leadership. She was so brilliant in her work that she became the president of the same company.

Susan P. McGalla is a very resilient woman who stays focused on the task she has put her mind on and she is never distracted. Her resilience helped her scale high in her profession to become the top leader in a company where she started out in a very humble position. Today she has not only become a great leader but also a source of inspiration to many people around the globe. After accumulating great experience over the years, she reached a point where she felt she needed to move on to a more rewarding venture where she would have more control.

This is when the idea of starting her own business was born. She had worked in the industry for years therefore she understood the environment very well. It was therefore not very difficult for her to decide on the line she wanted to follow. She decided she was going to move on and start her own business and that when she founded the P3 Executive Consulting Company. Mount Union College graduate of marketing was determined to make an impact in the business world. She was well connected therefore it was not very hard for her to venture in the business world having been in the industry for years.

Apply These Incredible Tips To Improve Pet Caring

Pets are a great addition to the life of humans and offer some sense of fulfillment. Most people have dreamt about owning a well looking pet, but the most challenging part has been taking good care of the animal. Not everyone who owns a pet is trained on matters regarding taking care of one. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure all things that are done towards the pet impact positively to the health and fitness of the animal. Lack of appropriate information has derailed many people from taking care of their animals in the right manner. Here are simple guidelines that can offer help to people looking to take care of their pets.

To get precise and clear information about the health of a pet, it is vital to consider embracing the help of a professional in the field. One can visit a vet doctor, who will offer guidelines on how to take care for the pet. One of the main roles these professionals play is to screen the animal for possible diseases that could be hidden and the right medication is issued in time. There are diseases that one cannot easily identify until when the disease attacks to levels that are beyond the immunity of the animal. Such diseases can prove dangerous to the animal if a quick response is not issued. The doctor is able to identify all types of diseases and can issue a statement regarding the overall health of the pet. Visiting regularly for checkups helps one to easily track to progress of the animal to ensure all measures necessary to keep it healthy are embraced.

Feeding a pet has been a major concern and affects the overall health status of the pet. Foods like baneful have been beneficial to the health of dogs and are recommended by most experts. Beneful is a product that is created to offer dogs the health that is needed to keep the animal strong and active. It is a unique product that is made with all the nutrients and vitamins that are necessary to maintain the health of an animal at optimum levels. The product stands on its own and does not need supplements as it contains all the materials that are needed to keep a dog healthy. Buying such products as baneful can help keep a pet healthy and active all day as they offer more energy and strength.

The environment in which a pet stays also matters a lot. Hygiene is something that cannot be overlooked if one dreams about keeping a healthy animal. Most diseases that attack pets come as a result of poor living conditions that allow easy attack by pests. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the houses in which animals live are cleaned and disinfected regularly. This also extends to the utensils that are used for feeding the pet. They should be cleansed using detergents and disinfected to protect the animal from contacting diseases. Also ensure the house of the pet is designed to prevent easy entry of cold or too much sun.

Hedge Fund Managers Are Weighing In On Brazil’s Currency Devaluation And Political Situation

The good news, according to hedge fund manager James Dondero, is Brazil’s Congress stood behind President Dilma Rousseff’s veto of spending increases. Rousseff’s plan is to cut spending and raise taxes to fortify the budget so there won’t be another credit rating cut. Mr. James Dondero is the co-founder of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital, under Dondero supervision, has more than $21 billion in assets under management, and some of those assets are in emerging markets like Brazil. Mr. Dondero has an office in Sao Paulo, so he knows first-hand what is happening to his investments as he watches the Brazil’s currency drop like a ton of bricks. Dondero says Brazilian stocks on are also taking a beating even though the government got the Congressional vote it needed to shore-up their 2016 budget.

Mr. Dondero thinks China’s faltering economy is playing a big role in Brazil’s financial issues. China is Brazil’s top trading partner and the Chinese have drastically cut imports from Brazil and other countries. The fact that Congress agreed with President Rousseff is a positive sign for investors, but most foreign investors are in a wait and see mode at the moment, according to Dondero. If China can’t get its economic act together and import more Brazilian raw materials, the situation in Brazil could continue to erode. The Brazilian stock market fell by 2 percent, and Petrobras stock is dropping even though its offshore investments are still very profitable. Petrobras stock hit its lowest point since 2003, according to Mr. Dondero.

Hedge fund managers like Dondero have a bearish attitude about Brazil because some economists say President Rousseff’s plan to raise taxes and cutting spending could cause more economic turmoil. But Dondero and other investors are not giving up on Brazil. There are signs that the country will weather this financial storm. Brazilian companies that export most of their products are taking advantage of the four real for one dollar exchange, and business is booming. Rousseff wants to keep the value of the currency low in order to attract more export customers. If Brazil export business improves especially in the oil and steel industries, the country will show some growth in 2016.

The big challenge for investors is the China situation. Even though the Brazilian real’s value is attractive, China is not reacting to it yet. Without China, Brazil will have a hard time meeting or exceeding its export numbers and investors like Dondero know that’s going to hurt them in the short run. But Highland Capital hedge fund managers firmly believe Brazil will bounce back. History shows that Brazil always bounces back, and most hedge fund managers are staying to reap the rewards of that recovery.

Mr. Dondero believes signs of a recovery will begin to develop in 2016 if President Rousseff’s plan works and China begins to import the raw materials it desperately needs from Brazil. Brazil is still most hedge fund managers’ long-term choice even though the short-term returns will be flat, according to Dondero.

Kyle Bass, Investment Professional

Investment professional Kyle Bass has an eccentric history as an investor, with a backlog of investment strategies that have gone either extremely well or terribly, terribly wrong.

Bass is well known in investment circles for his prediction, back before 2008, of the looming real estate bubble burst that would wreak serious havoc on the US economy. Bass founded his Dallas, Texas based fund, Hayman Capital Management, in 2006, and his prescient prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis lead many to think he knew absolutely everything about everything, real estate investment-wise.

As time went on, however, it became increasingly clear that while Bass was certainly right about the coming economic meltdown in 2008, he was very wrong in a lot of his investment strategies. As we well know now, being wrong in this industry can be very expensive in a multitude of ways.


Due to Bass’s notoriety early on with his dead on prediction, he became a popular guest on financially oriented news shows, which love to have experts on to give their take on current trends. It’s been noted, however, that Bass often goes on these shows to make pronouncements that seem to do more to serve his own bottom line than the public good. Given the other activities this once well regarded investor has been involved in, none of this should be very surprising.


One of the most glaring issues in Bass’s recent career moves has been his willingness to become professionally involved with people whose reputations should send out huge warning signals. One of these folks is Argentianian political leader Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Though Argentinia defaulted on its debt for the second time in a thirteen year period, Bass is on the record as vigorously defending her. Given the very dark side of what is going on with finances in Buenos Aires, many wonder why Bass is willing to associate himself with de Kirchner and her team of defaulting henchmen. Is there some very shady dealing going on between them financially? All signs do seem to point to “Yes.”

Bass has had other lapses in judgement, beyond his involvement in the Argentinian economy. After investing in General Motors, he went on the record defending the company even after it was being investigated for very shady practices as far as safety goes. He actually tried to blame the victims of car accidents stemming from problems with GM cars (non-functioning air bags and faulty power steering), and did it all with a straight face.

The list of questionable practices by Bass goes on and on, leading many to wonder why any legit business would be involved with him. Any ideas?

Doe Deere-One of the leading ladies in the makeup world

Doe Deere has many pictures of herself on Instagram where she is wearing beautiful makeup hues that are the representation of her brand Lime Crime. Doe Deere is one of the leading ladies to be named an inspiring female entrepreneur by Self-made Magazine. She recently sat down with an interviewer and talked about every little detail that had to do with Lime Crime on galoremag.

As a child, she had a passion for color. She would often put as much color on herself as possible, that included clothes, accessories, and her mother makeup.She eventually would like to expand her brand to other colorful things.

One of her earliest makeup memory is when she attended a slumber party with two of her closest friends. Doe Deere and her friends had deck themselves out in some fun outfits but decided that there was something that was missing from their look.This was when Deere decided to pull out her makeup bag and begin to put on a mixture color of makeup.

The interviewer then went on to ask Deere what is her best and worst makeup moments. She did not become a makeup expert into she got into her 20’s. She began to post bad makeup looks back in 2006, but after experimenting with different looks, she got better. She starts to gain a following of girls, who waited excitedly to see what was going to be her next look. It was only two years later when she launched Lime Crime.

The next question the interviewer ask was how did Deere came up with her company name. She had an eBay store back in 2004, and the name limecrime popped into her head.

She mentions that she would have chosen a different name if she knew that her company was going to be such a success.Even though she say that she would have chosen a different name, she is now proud of her name because it is so unique. The next question the interviewer ask if Deere is glad that her company is so internet based. She mentions how it have its pros and cons. Some of the pros being that her brand is huge on social media and a con she mentions is that she have to deal with a lot of internet rumors.

She mentions that she call her fans unicorns because she see unicorns as being unique, brave, and love color. She belikeved that this is a genuine definition of a unicorn. Deere is inspired by women who is not afraid to take chances and is fearless in their fashion choices. She takes inspirations from famous figures such as Dita Von Teese to the girls she sees posting images on Instagram like her friends Elena and Stella Jones. She feels amazing that people see her as one of the top self-entrepreneurs. If you would like to read the full interview, please be sure to visit

Corporate Law: Corporate Tax

It can be tough living in the United States, especially for someone who was raised in the inner city. Crippling misinformation keeps people impoverished communities voting against their own best interests. For instance, welfare reform could reconstruct the inner city, but the residents of these communities are adamantly opposed to the changes. Nothing embodies this self-defeating behavior more than poor people’s opinion of the corporate tax.

Corporate Law and Corporate Taxes

There was a time when a corporation was almost forced to consider the US as a location for their global headquarters. Now China is poised to replace the US as the world’s largest economy, and international competition to attract corporations has changed the global business landscape. There are still lots of advantages to locating a company in the US, but the 40% corporate tax rate is a liability. Countries like China and India have extremely lenient tax laws with which America can’t compete. Worse of all, the people who support the lofty 40% corporate tax are the people whom it hurts the most. Those with less are usually the biggest supporters of the corporate tax, but it prevents them from finding better jobs. In countries like China, the governement shows favor to the corporations to attract them there.  It’s far better to collect taxes on the employees, than to see the company move to Asia, Europe or even Africa. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to get the corporate tax lowered, because impoverished people think the wealthy should have to pay outrageous taxes.

A Closer Look at Corporate Law

It’s important to note that corporations are only taxed on their profits and they can write off anything that helped them pursue a profit. Corporations are essential for a vibrant economy, and people’s failure to recognize this is giving America’s competition an advantage. China isn’t the only country attracting international companies to its shores. India, England and even South Africa now attract international companies with competitive corporate taxes. Corporate attorneys like’s Frans Schoeman of Phatisma Diamond (A South African corporate law firm) must understand international corporate law and domestic law. This is necessary, because there are companies with branches in multiple countries.

Defeating the US Corporate Tax

Perhaps the citizens of the US will begin to familiarize themselves with corporate law, especially the corporate tax. Contrary to popular belief, raising corporate taxes does nothing to hurt the business professionals. These individuals have the resources to simply relocate their companies. The international economy will continue to grow with or without the US, but our tax rate will directly affect our role.

Stephen Murray: The Man Who Left an Investment Legacy

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was spun out from JP Morgan in 2006 and is involved in leveraged buyouts and growth equity investments. The fund has raised a number of funds and its most recent one was last year where they raised $3.6 B. After the company was founded, it raised its first fund, which was about $3 B.

Greg Brenneman is the company’s Chairman and was appointed in 2008. The company’s name is derived from the names of the companies that merged to form it(Chemical, Chase and JP Morgan).

CCMP was spun off from JP Morgan because of the conflict of interest between JP and Its clients. Before the spin off, JP was relatively successful at making investments but at times they invested in the same companies as their clients. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a diverse portfolio and has invested in a number of high profile companies including Aramark, Renovo, Medspace and Vetco. The company has grown and expanded to house offices in Asia and Europe. It now has around $12 B in assets and has been recognized as one of the most successful funds.

A number of its investments have gone public, and some are in the course of doing so. Ollie’s Bargain and Milacron Holdings, Corp are on track to going public soon. Its Asian subsidiary has operated independently for the most part and in 2008, it was separated from the parent company and was renamed Unitas Capital.

The company typically invests over $100 million in companies, and it is involved in healthcare, energy and consumer sectors. One of the largest deals the company has been involved in was the sale of Medpace to Cinven last year for nearly $1B. The man who spurred the meteoric growth of the company is the late Stephen Murray.

Stephen Murray is the former CEO of CCMP Capital. Mr. Murray was born in 1962 and graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics and later earned his MBA from the Columbia Business School. He trained as an analyst after school and after a series of mergers at his company, he found himself at JP Morgan where he would oversee buyouts.

He is mostly known for his work at CCMP, which he cofounded and would become its CEO in 2007. He passed away earlier this year and left a legacy at the company. He is deeply missed by his colleagues, and the incoming CEO will surely have a hard time filling his shoes. Murray served on the boards of a number of companies such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark and Pinnacle Foods. He was also involved in philanthropy and charity and was affiliated with the Stamford Museum and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Andy Wirth Approves of Clean Power


In Andy Wirth’s recent op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal, he takes on the topic of clean power and how it helps both the economy and the environment. He discusses how the Reno City Council voted to support the Clean Power Plan. This plan seeks to move our country away from reliance on coal power, which is dirty, to clean and renewable energy sources.

Andy, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, takes the environment seriously as he is active in environmental and community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area. He seeks to improve the area for people of all ages.

Mr. Wirth’s op-ed piece says that the times have “changed.” People are accepting clean energy as a responsible alternative to former forms of energy we’ve used. Andy wants the City Council to move forward with actionable measures to embrace the Clean Power Plan. He also believes that business people can benefit from the plan and it can help create a robust economy.

Andy Wirth once suffered a serious injury while skydiving – he had to have an arm reattached. He does not shy away from his injury. Instead, he created an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support.” They raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

His dedication to improving Lake Tahoe and the economy in the region is very inspiring. He is genuine in his endeavors and seeks to make Lake Tahoe a better, more hospitable place than it even is now.

Purina Stands the Tests of Time for Happier Pets

I love talking about great products. I also love my dogs. From the days of my childhood to current times as an adult knowing how and what to feed my dogs was a part of pet ownership. Some folks take this topic lightly. Others want the best and go to great lengths to provide the best.

In earlier days Purina Beneful dog food was the primary dog food meal option, if not the only option. Everybody fed their dogs this trusted dog food. When people hear the name Purina, they know exactly who it is and what kind of great quality can be expected. Grocery stores and pet stores have stocked and sold Purina for eons. Ever-evolving, Purina continues to grow by developing even higher quality food options and varieties. Purina’s popularity has sustained itself for over 80 pet-loving years – 80 years!

There is something pretty special about this brand when there is a heavy desire to offer specific meal types for specific pet health purposes. Variety is important for the consumer to make better choices for their pet. One of my favorite Purina food choices has been Beneful. My rough collie loved Beneful for years. His health and taste buds were happy eating one bowl of this crunchy, kibbled goodness.

Pet-friendly Purina creates deliciousness for our furry babies while also stepping out-of-the-box in humane ways our communities are proud of. Remember, Purina’s original days meant good quality, a genuine respect for the product and the consumer, and reliable customer service attitudes.

For example, the passion of Purina proudly extends itself to its employees.  Purina incorporates respect and reward for employees by helping them understand how important it is to actually care about the products they are making. Purina stands for families and appreciates the value our pets bring to the heart of the home and community. When a company is ranked Number 3 as one of the best places to work for not one, but several years, I know this is a company I can entrust my dog’s health and happiness to.

Purina’s Pet Care Development Centres have been thoughtfully created for ongoing educational purposes to better understand the nutritional preferences and requirements of both dogs and cats. Incorporating training in socialization, group play and other enrichment programs designed to benefit our pets is only a small part of how Purina is impacting the world.

Try Purina products on your pet family and see for yourself how many furry smiles and purrs you get. Joining Purina’s heartwarming legacy means happy-ever-after for the pets we love so much.

The In’s and Out’s of Affiliate Marketing

Cost per action marketing, also known as affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to make passive income on the Internet. Since the dawn of the Internet, people have shared links and helped each other’s businesses grow. This is another way to help your business grow as it has helped other marketers develop their businesses develop into world-class companies that dominate the web.

I want you to imagine this: you have a product that you want to sell. You don’t know how to promote it and you do not have the money to buy traditional advertising space via Google AdWords. “So how can I advertise my product?” You’re probably thinking. Well, you collect people to sell your product for you, that’s how.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “why would someone want to help me sell my product? What’s in it for them?” Well, they are going to make money from selling your product, that’s why. “But I don’t have any money to give.” You may exclaim. Well, they only receive money when you make money.

Lots of savvy marketers place what are called affiliate links on their websites in order to generate cash. Affiliate links’ link back to a website selling a product or a service. By clicking the link, it tracks the visitor to the website that is selling the product and also tracks which affiliate led them, although it mainly tracks whether a purchase is made by the browser of the affiliate website. If a browser of your website clicks the affiliate link that you are promoting and purchases a product, you get a percentage of whatever the product costs.

Affiliate marketing is extremely valuable because it allows people to place advertisements on their website and monetize their websites without having to deal with intrusive pop-ups and banner ads, as would typically happen in your traditional web environment.

Affiliate marketing is a very widespread activity and is responsible for most of the Internet’s biggest hitting companies and products. Products such as clothing are often marketed via affiliate links on top blogs and websites that promote women’s fashion. A woman could create a blog for fun and add an affiliate link on her website for a specific brand that she loves. Since her fans are loyal, they are enthusiastic about anything she endorses and will eventually click her affiliate link and buy something on the site that it leads. When her fan buy something on that site, the blogger could earn anywhere from 3%-20% of the price that the product that is being sold. Affiliate marketers are not losing money by having their links hosted on people’s websites because they only pay a fee when the advertisement actually makes a sale.

Ivan Ong is a cost per action coach that specializes in showing webmasters how to build your affiliate-based business as well as showing you how to effectively affiliate market in the real world. He began his Internet empire very humbly in his parents basement and now, he is a millionaire several times over with a reputation as the world’s number one affiliate marketing coach.