Month: August 2015

Value Investing Or Growth Investing?

Those who begin to look into the stock market are sure to hear about two types of investing. Namely, these are value investing and growth investing. One may hear about stocks that are value stocks and others that are called growth stocks. For someone brand new to the world of investing, these terms can certainly be confusing. Here we try to break them down and help people better understand what they are getting into.

Value Investing

Value stocks are basically stocks of smaller companies that one is attempting to purchase at a good value with the hope of rising prices in the future. It is not always the case that the stock is a smaller company, but they frequently are.

With this type of investing, one is taking a chance on a company that may not have as strong of a track record in the past. These are stocks that are purchased because they appear to be a good value compared to the earnings. This may sound like a good way to invest at all times, but it is not the only way that one can get their money in the market.

Growth Investing

Investing for growth has more to do with putting money into companies that are already on a roll. This might mean putting money into the well known corporations. The reason one does this is because they believe that the good times are going to continue. They invest in industry leaders and hope that they continue to dominate the markets that they exist in.

There is nothing wrong with putting money into growth stocks. It may be something that Brad Reifler might recommend doing for clients who want a little more safety in their investments. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital and helps people of all walks of life get their funds into the market and working for them.

People who put money in growth investing are looking for something different than what those who do value investing are looking for. They are not searching out the greatest bargains in the market but rather the things that have already proven themselves and that they hope will continue to work out for the long run.


OrganoGold Is Gaining Popularity

Many people make resolutions to eat healthier one year or another, but they never end up sticking to them. Many people try to go on diets, or try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their everyday lives, but after awhile they forget about what they were trying to do. It is easy for someone to become distracted by all of the unhealthy foods that are out there, but when a healthy alternative to a food tastes just as good, if not better than the real thing, then someone will be much more likely to stick with eating it.

OrganoGold offers coffee and tea products that are healthier than what an average coffee or tea brand puts out, and yet they are tasty, too. Everyone who tries these products loves them. This brand knows what it is doing. It knows how to get people to eat healthfully without feeling like they are doing that. And it is all thanks to their founder.

Bernardo Chua had a strong love for Ganoderma, a Chinese herb, and he used that love to drive him to make this company a success. He wanted to be able to share this herb with the world around him, and in order for him to be able to do that he knew that he would have to make products that people would love.

They are happy that they can feel that they are making a good choice for themselves just by drinking a cup of coffee or tea. And, OrganoGold is sure to gain a ton of popularity, even more than they already have, because of that.

Guest Post: Joseph Bismark on inner peace, spirituality in the business world

Vedism is a religion in India that is based on the belief of helping others by the sacrifice of ones self. The sacrifice one makes to the Gods, will be returned with blessings of good fortune and abundance. It is fundamental to the nature of all followers of Vedism to bestow a sacrificial lifestyle. I, Joseph Bismark, am living the belief of Vedism.

Personally the health message of eating organic whole foods is what I practice and want the world to experience, for quality of life. The leader in myself, motivated me to help people live healthier lifestyles. I care and value people, which became my top priority. For this reason, I implemented a business that focuses on organic and natural whole foods and co-founded QI Limited.

I take the initiative to be a leader in any thing I do, allowing me the honor of fulfilling any task to ensure a successful business. As a Spiritual Businessman, The QI group’s mission is to provide the Quality of Life through health, using holistic methods. QI Limited distributes whole food in grocery stores providing people life-preserving nutrition.

My partner and co-founder of QI group, Vijay Eswaran, created the RYTHM Foundation to work with children with special needs, community development and community well-being. The Foundation is a large part of what QI Group stands for in its mission, helping others.

I became a member of the board for the QI Group of Companies that I work with; a subsidiary called Qnet. The group consist of successful companies that apply my recommendations, making them profitable.

Inner peace and how spirituality affects the business world is my message to all businesses worldwide. A business can be successful by people sacrificing and thinking of others.

Companies can create an atmosphere of brotherhood and peace in the workplace; which has been proven to increase profitability. Make your companies mission to have all employees sacrifice self. To learn more about my philosophy as a business leader, visit this article on my WordPress Site.

Eucatex Evolves To Produce Materials For Many Industries

The Brazilian manufacturing company Eucatex has been in operation since 1951 and has seen its range of products grow with the years it has been in existence. Not only has the company expanded its range of products from its initial offering of panels, but it has also made a huge commitment to help the environment by creating a green area close to its main base of operations in Sao Paulo. The Maluf family has remained the dominant force within the Eucatex group for many years and has seen Flavio Maluf rise through the company to take on the role of President and lead Eucatex into the 21st century.

In order to become prepared to take control of the Eucatex group, Flavio Maluf completed his education in Mechanical Engineering before returning to the company to learn more about its manufacturing processes. Maluf was not immediately inserted into a prominent role within the company, but instead spent a decade working in different areas of the company to get a feel for every aspect of how Eucatex works as a whole. In 1997 Flavio Maluf made his way to the role of President of the company and has since made sure the company works in different areas of manufacturing and retail while maintaining an eye of its environmental impact.

Eucatex has a diverse portfolio of businesses that are held beneath the umbrella of the group. Flavio Maluf has played an important role in making sure the company retains this diverse group of businesses and has seen the products created evolve into manufactured flooring, furniture, partitions and doors. Under the stewardship of Flavio Maluf the company has also looked to expand its range of environmental programs to offset the manufacturing processes undertaken. Within the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo the company has cared for 44 hectares of forest that are maintained to the highest standards and have seen awards given to Eucatex for the quality of their work within the forestry industry.

Great Brazilian Authors

Brazil has a long history of enthusiastic and passionate literature. Since Brazil’s independence in 1822 new mixtures of vigorous authors have been creating stories depicting a collection of influences and experiences that tell the country’s stories. These are a few of the great authors from Brazil.

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)
Clarice Lispector was born in the Ukraine to a Jewish family. Her parents moved the family to Brazil in the early 1920’s to escape persecution. Clarice became one the most celebrated Modernist Authors and is best known for her, Near to the Wild Heart. Her writing style follows the inner lives of her champions, telling their feelings and emotions with incredible passion that puts a spell on her readers.

Jorge Amado (1912-2001)
Jorge Amado is another ‘best-loved’ author from Brazil. During his career he maintained a balance between critical acclaim and popular appeal. His favorite works are, Captains of the Sand, Gabriela and Cinammon. Jorge had a humor in his work that endeared him to his public and many of works became films for television.

Rubem Fonseca (1925-)
Rubem Fonseca works and lives in Rio de Janeiro and been a state prosecutor and policeman. While holding these positions he began to write short stories and novels that told about the crime and violence on the streets. He became a master of literary crime fiction using the backdrop of Brazil in his stories. Two of his stories have recently been translated into English, Taker and Other Stories and Crimes of August.

Jamie Garcia Dias (1970-)
Jamie Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro and always had a passion for writing. By the age of 15 Jamie was already working on becoming a great writer. He worked in a College in Rio de Janeiro where he taught students literature bringing with him new techniques and methods to his teaching programs. One of Jamie’s notable works is, Fell From Heaven, which he won the White Crane award for.

Adriana Lisboa (1970-)
Adriana Lisboa was born in Rio de Janeiro, moved to France and is now living in Colorado. Her work centers on Brazilian characters and the culture and languages from Brazil.

Bernardo Carvalho (1960-)
Bernardo Carvalho has worked as a journalist in New York and Paris and his combined those experiences with his writing on Brazilian cultures.